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Nacho is the total package...He is 'The Whole Enchilada'
Emi Gonzalez

Nacho came into my life late January of 2009. The absolute cutest and sweetest puppy I ever laid my eyes on. He required very little correction or training. I always say he was "born naturally good." Nacho quickly worked his way into my heart and it wasn’t long before he deemed himself my official, one and only, “heart dog.” Since he earned his first major at 6 months old, his first weekend out, Nacho’s success in the show ring has been on a steady upward climb. Some memorable achievements: finishing his AKC Championship at 11 months, finishing his Canadian Championship in one weekend, then finishing that weekend in Ontario with his first All-Breed Best in Show, a Multiple Award of Merit Specialty winner, was the 2010 AKC Eukanuba National Championship 1st Dog AOE winner, finished 2010 #4 (Breed), #7 (All Breed), a 2011 Westminster Kennel Club AOM winner, 2011 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Best of Breed winner, finished 2011 #3 (Breed), #5 (All Breed), 2012 Westminster Kennel Club 1st AOM winner, 2012 Connecticut River Working Group Specialty Best of Breed winner, 2012 Delaware Valley Bullmastiff Club Specialty Best of Breed winner, was ranked #2 in the 2011-2012 ABA list of qualifiers for Top 20 (his second year invited), and most notably, was the 2012 ABA National Specialty Best of Breed winner. Nacho is also a Gold Grand Champion, Multiple Group Placer, Multiple Group winner, and is currently ranked in the Top 3. 

We are excited for what lies ahead in Nacho’s future, with Adam Bernardin at the end of the lead. The same sentiment extends to his offspring. We are expectant of their upcoming achievements as well. Sire of Canadian and American Champions, we are anticipating Nacho to earn his Register of Merit very soon. He has both beauty and brains, true and correct, conforming to the standard. A fellow Bullmastiff fancier and Nacho fan said it best when she stated, “If you cut Nacho’s profile out of a photo and placed it on top of the illustrated breed standard, they would match up exactly.” Nacho is a true Working dog, in every sense of the word. He has proven that no matter where he goes or who handles him, he exemplifies an extreme willingness to please, head always held high, showing undeniable ring presence. Many have not only commented on how Nacho is a prime candidate for being our breed’s prime ambassador conformationally. And, more importantly, how his temperament is magnetic. Oftentimes you will catch Nacho heading to the ring with a favorite stuffed toy in his mouth, or flopped over on his back while spectators rub his belly. He is a major attraction wherever he goes; he makes friends with everyone he meets. At home, he is an absolute pleasure to share my bed with, or have him lean his back up against your leg so you could scratch it. Never pushy, always thankful, has to be right by my side the minute he hears the jingle of the car keys. When he’s on the road, it is difficult to sleep without him snoring by my side; the house has a empty void which cannot be filled until he returns.

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2012 National
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Specialty Show


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