B'mew Bullmastiffs is nestled right in the Tri Mountain area of Central Connecticut. We live on 4 acres of plush, matured landscape, on a little street called Bartholomew Lane. When thinking of a prefix, I chose to use a shortened version of Bartholomew. My dogs are members of my family, first and foremost, and do not live in a kennel. They live in our home. They are my reason for waking up every morning. They are my inspiration.

December of 2007 I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in English at Northeastern University in Boston. At that time I welcomed my graduation gift (to myself) into my home; an 8 week old male Bullmastiff puppy whom I named, Caiaphas. I knew that the Bullmastiff was the right breed for me since they have been my childhood "dream breed." Once I had Caiaphas for a while, everything I had read and researched about Bullmastiffs came to life. 

Caiaphas grew into a beautiful young Bullmastiff and absolutely LOVED people and children. He earned his AKC Conformation title in just 4.5 months and absolutely loved to show and work for his handler. It was through their partnership that I learned so much about, not only dog shows, but the psychology of Bullmastiffs, and "Working" breeds in general. Although he did not work out as the Stud dog I had always dreamed of owning, I can thank him for being my first introduction to the Breed.

My "involvement" in the Breed began one afternoon during the Spring of 2008. I began a second search for reputable breeders and after more extensive research, I came across a website of the owner of a dog whom I greatly admired. The Sire of this particular dog was another Bullmastiff I also fancied, and in fact, was the Grandsire of Caiaphas, on one side. These two dogs came from the TruGrit line; Primo "MBISS AM/CAN CH TruGrit Muscle Mayhem, RN" and his Sire, Rudy "CH TruGrit Rudy G Of Anthracite, ROM."

I then called Primo's owner and asked her if she had any red show puppy bitches available. As they say everything happens for a reason; they had one red puppy bitch whom they were holding back until they found just the right show home. Luckily I was it! A few weeks later my little "Indiana Surprise" was excitedly picked up from the airport and brought home to B'mew where she lived quite contentedly for almost four years. Micah, “CH dal Primo’s Indiana Surprise”, provided B’mew with two lovely, promising litters.
Soon after Micah arrived from Indiana, I welcomed her half brother, Nacho, into my life and my home. He is and forever will remain in my heart from that day forward. Nacho is the main stud dog B'mew is (and will be) built on.