My name is Emi Gonzalez and I have been a lover and fancier of Bullmastiffs since I was a child. I wake up every morning and thank God for allowing me to own and be enamored by these stunning creatures. They are indeed loyal and loving, extremely intelligent and alert, yet easy going and very docile. They feel the need to be with their family at all times. As much as they love and need to work, they are just as happy lounging around with their people, forever keeping at least one guarding eye open. After being in the breed for about 5 years, I could never imagine living my life without Bullmastiffs. Therefore, I am forever devoted to bettering the breed, and will always strive toward producing the most sound and healthy puppies possible. It goes without saying that health and longevity of the breed is my prime ambition. Each dog included in my program are fully health cleared for OFA/PennHIP Hips, elbows, heart, and eyes (CERF). B’mew Bullmastiffs focuses on tight line breedings while working to achieve litters with superior  temperaments, movement, and type.  Temperament is of the utmost importance to my breedings since Bullmastiffs are a very strong willed, highly intelligent breed. They must be taught and trained from day one where they fall in the "pack", and a stable temperament makes that process much easier. I put a heavy bearing on movement since that is what Bullmastiffs were bred to do; move quickly, swiftly, and efficiently. Soundness in mind and body is what we strive for; Producing exceptionally balanced Bullmastiffs built for the work they were originally bred for.

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